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If you’re looking to make a creative bang with a small budget, we can deliver. We can create a creative eye catching campaign with results you can measure

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Hand 2 Hand
Print Distribution
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    Blue Orange
  • Our Country’s good African Caribbean Network
    Our Country’s Good
  • Puss In Boots
    Puss in Boots
  • Dream Girls
  • NuCivilisationOrchestra
    Nu Civilisation Orchestra
  • African Utopia
  • White Witch
    White Witch - Chelsea Theatre
  • The Refinery - East is East

Services - What We do Better!

Our professional and friendly promotions team can meet your audience wherever they are. Whether it be at the train station on their way to work or leaving the theatre or an event, Encore can be there to put your message directly into the hands of your audience.

Interested in reaching local residents in their homes we offer competitive rates to help you do this. Our team will put together a street plan outlining the best roads to help get your message out.

Our poster service covers North East West and South London. We utilise local high traffic venues such as shops, cafes, bars and local amenities to ensure your posters get maximum exposure and are seen by the right people. Unlike other services our customers can target their audience by demographic, social grade and proximity to venue.

Encore own and operate 3 award winning London focused events websites, and which service an electrifying 111,000 people per month.
Through our websites Encore has amassed a digital subscribers list of over 94,000 revellers all of whom have signed up to be notified about events like yours!

Encore gives marketeers flexibility regarding where and how flyers are displayed. We offer branded solus stands free of charge to ensure your flyers stand out from the crowd, targeted bespoke venues that you  can choose to eliminate wastage and we have the largest Distribution networks in London and all at extremely cost effective prices so we don’t break your budget. These simple differences in our service has quickly made us the distributors of choice for many theatres across London.

We will provide you with Solus Branded and Clear Acrylic distribution stands for your leaflets creating an eye catching display that stands out in a crowd at no extra cost

Target your audience perfectly with a bespoke distribution plan at no extra cost. We can target specific types of people in specific areas to ensure you get your message in front of the people you want.

We can offer up to 3 times more the venues in in your target areas than our competitors.

We send you a photographic report and venue list each week so you can see how and where your magazines have been distributed.

We are cheaper than our competitors and will beat any like for like quote by cost, by flyer allocation and venues distribution

Distribution Network

  • African & Caribbean

  • Asian

  • Children

  • Disabled

  • LGBT

  • Musical

  • Youth

  • Posters


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